The instruments illustrated in this catalogue represent only a small number of the most usual instruments. On request we can produce several instruments of course.
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Tungsten Carbide Insert Jaws

This instruments have tungsten carbide inserts bonded to their jaws. The instruments feature a high stability and a long lasting. This insert ensure a secure grasping of needles.
The instruments are available with difference Tungsten Carbide Inserts (A – B – C – D).

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Wolfram Carbide Tip Coating

The tips are with fines wolfram carbide dust particles coated. This feature a very fine grasping surface. This allows an atraumatic handling of delicate tissue, vessels and fine needles.



Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coated instruments are easy in handling and have a non-glare surface. They are resistant to wear and tear. The instruments non-rusting and non-corrosive surface is very long-lasting as well as temperature- and scratch-resistant.


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Micro-/Delicate Needle Holders

The special Micro and Delicate size pattern are designed for the finest surgical needles in use.


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Instruments with rounded edges which do not catch the thread and allows surgeons to control even the fines suture without snagging.


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TOLEDO – the new designed Handle

The new, patented handle design TOLEDO is characterized by the following features:

  • Ergonomic
  • Well balanced – sure and fine feeling in hand
  • Easy to clean – no more dirt catching knurlings
  • Sophisticated design


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Special Design

Special design and special length will be available on request.


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Which Needle Holder for which Needle?

Needle Holder Needle Size
0.5 mm 0-5 gerade max. 9 x 0
0-5 gebogen
1.0 mm 1-0 gerade max. 7 x 0
1-0 gebogen
1.5 mm 1-5 gerade max. 6 x 0
1-5 gebogen
2.0 mm 2-0 gerade max. 5 x 0
2-0 gebogen
2.5 mm 2-5 gerade max. 3 x 0
DELICATE ohne Sperre / without lock

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The dimensions of the needle holders are indicated as follows:
Length x Thickness x Width = L x D x B

Jaws 12 mm length, 1,1 mm thick and 1,5 mm wide
= 12 x 1,1 x 1,5 mm

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