MICROMA Martin Alber GmbH

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Who we are

Since the founding of the company MICROMA in 1989, our name has been synonymous with the producing of high-precision microsurgical instruments. Our nimble, manager-owned company responds readily to customer requirements for various ranges of instruments. We supply to well-known firms in the medical technology sector on the basis of Private Label Manufacturing.
We are a qualified producing company for medical products.

Our instruments for microsurgery are made with the use of machines specially designed for this purpose. Continuous dialogue with our customers ensures thorough market knowledge.
A sound technical basis for producing together with high-quality components guarantees long service life and facilitates the availability of instruments of consistently high standards of manufacture.
In addition, we offer a fast repair service

What is important to us

In an age of market volatility, globalization and disposable products, we feel it is important to retain a sense of genuine quality and exact craftsmenship. Our modern production techniques, highly-skilled team of machine operators and, above all, attention to detail in all departments mean that we can fulfil the highest expectations of our customers.

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A very successful performance in both, domestic and international markets, a steady growth in our sales volume and market share and a generally

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